Beauty, harmony and comfort lie at the heart of a spa bathroom makeover. You strip down your bathroom to its bare essence, then decorate it with symmetry and analogous (same-hue) color groups. The effect renders a feeling of calm, and an invitation to wash your daily cares away. These easy spa bathroom decorating ideas will help you transform any bathroom into a soothing retreat. Remember my post about dinner tables having nice pieces like  wooden dinnerware? This is just the same in the bath room.

#1. Wall Color

Soothing spa bathroom colors are pastoral, like an Impressionist painting. To decide on the right color for your bathroom makeover, look at your existing floor or tile. Paint your wall in a pale hue from the same color group.

#2. Vanity Makeover

To give your vanity a spa bathroom makeover remove the doors (but leave any drawers intact). Build shelves inside the vanity by mounting planks of wood on wooden shelf brackets. If the drawer sides are open in the vanity, seal them first with plywood. Paint the entire vanity in the same color group as your walls and tile. But make sure to choose a different hue within the color group. (Tip: first paint the vanity with water-based primer, then paint over it with eggshell or glossy latex paint.)

#3. Baskets

Now add a set of decorative baskets to your spa bathroom vanity. Store clutter in lidded baskets on the shelves, choosing the same color group for your baskets as before. If you can’t find baskets in the same color, choose white or almond to match the porcelain of your tub, shower or sink. Keep nothing on your vanity counter.

#4. Fluffy Towels

Buy a new set of towels for your spa bathroom makeover. Select the same color as your baskets. Roll the towels and store them on the top shelf of the open vanity.

#5. Replace Towel Racks

Hang towel racks on the back of the door instead of the wall. Add a towel warmer if you have space and hide its electrical wire decoratively using this simple technique.

#6. Add Mantle Shelves

Enhance your spa bathroom makeover with elegant short mantle shelves for extra storage space. Hang one over your toilet for stacking toilet paper. Hang one near the shower or bath for storing soap in decorative baskets that match the ones in the vanity.

#7. Display Bottles

Look for recycled glass bottles (which are cheap) for your shower or bath. Fill them with your shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, bath salts and bubbles. For toothbrushes or soap bars buy plastic display units to match the bottles.

#8. Floor Mats

Choose either a bathroom rug or an indoor-outdoor mat. Select the same color group as your floors and tile. Make sure the rug or mat is proportional to the room, leaving bare tile nearby.

#9. CD Player

Add ambiance to your spa bathroom makeover with a cheap waterproof CD player that you can hang inside your shower or bath. Keep a selection of massage music CD’s in a decorative basket on a mantle shelf nearby.

#10. Lighting

Replace your bathroom switch with a dimmer, so you can turn down the lights to almost nothing when you want to take a soothing shower or bath. And be sure to add candles to your spa bathroom makeover, once more in the color tone of the room. (Tip: At a home improvement store you’ll find cheap dimmers with simple instructions.)

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