After many months of doctor visits and ex-rays and expense, my doctor told me that my symptoms were from allergies and I would need an allergy medication. He gave me a prescription for Zyrtec. I called the pharmacy to see how much this medication was going to cost me. A 30 day supply was over $50! I was shocked to say the least. I asked if there was a cheaper brand and was told no. I happened to walk through one of the aisles a few days later, looking for something to take to see if my doctor was right. There it was, sitting on the shelf, a bottle of Zyrtec.
I quickly called the pharmacy and stepped out of their site with a bottle of it in my hand. I asked them what the strength was, and what was in it. Sure enough, it was identical to the bottle I was holding, like the bottle of my vitamin c serum at home.

. And what is better is the price was half what the pharmacy was charging me for it. Even better was that you could buy it in small quantities. After spending $120 on an inhaler that I used one time, I was in no mood to pay another fifty dollars for something that may not work.

I started going to the doctors in January after having what I thought was the flu for over a month. The coughing was causing problems at work, and as I worked in a bakery, I really didn’t want to be there.

I have a cough that would start for no reason, and I would cough so hard and so long that I would loose my breath and almost pass out. After the doctors visit, I was placed on Albuterol, and told that it was cold induced asthma. I had to use a mask when outside in the cold, and use the inhaler four times or more a day. This worked for a while, and when the weather became warmer, I found I was coughing less. Then it got hot, and the cough, shortness of breath and feeling like I was going to pass out, came back. And the inhaler no longer worked. He sent me to the hospital for chest ex-rays to check my heart and lungs, and put me on a Combivent inhaler, which made my lungs burn like they were on fire. And the burn didn’t go away for days. Before I tried to use it again, he had his nurse call me and tell me not to use the new inhaler anymore, go back to the other one.

My lungs are fine and my heart was normal, so all he could think was that it had to be allergies.

My symptoms are runny eyes when I wake up in the morning, I may or may not sneeze, the coughing, and my chest would feel heavy, like i had bricks for lungs. When I stay inside, the symptoms are not as bad, but once I step outside or start to do chores or exert myself, I would cough hard and almost pass out. I would also feel exhausted and out of breath for the remainder of the day. The hotter the day, and the more the humidity, the worse it is.

When I found that this over the counter medication was the same strength and the same ingredients, I bought a package with 5 little tablets, each individually packaged in a bubble pack. It cost only six dollars. A package of ten of these was only $10, and a bottle of 30 was only $25. What a huge difference in savings. I decided to buy the pack of five to see if they did help or not. Here are my results.

On day one, I took the first tablet with my breakfast. I was gooey eyed and my chest felt heavy and tight. I had a runny nose and felt drained. Within half an hour, my chest was feeling less tight, I felt a little less run down, and was able to breath better. Within that first 45 minutes, all of my symptoms were gone. But for the real test. It was getting hot out. By nine a.m. it was over 80 degrees. This is when I have difficulties outside breathing. So, to put it to the test, I not only went outside, I walked around, I did different things, I even mowed that afternoon in the heat, and had no problems. The next morning, I got up with less gooey eyes and my chest and lungs felt clear.

After the second day, I had no symptoms in the morning, and I am able to do things outside and not end up in a coughing fit to the point of passing out. I have gained over 50 pounds this past year because I couldn’t do anything without coughing, so I didn’t work, I didn’t walk, I didn’t ride the exercise bike, none of it. I was shocked at the change these have made.

I even get outside and ride the exercise bike and do what ever I want. If you or your doctors think you may have allergies, try the Zyrtec. Its just as it says on the ads on t.v. It works fast, and it works good. I just wish I had taken it sooner!

Zyrtec 24 hour Allergy Relief with Cetirizine HCI/antihistamine, 10 mg tablets, not only met my expectations, it succeeded them.


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