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Summer Skin Care Tips for Men

Being a man doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to your skin. Sure, you probably don’t wear makeup or pile on the treatment products, but male skin is no different from female skin. It needs the same treatments in harsh seasons like summer and winter to keep it healthy and looking good. In the summer, you’re at risk for oily or acne-ridden skin andUV damage.For men’s summer skincare solutions, try these small changes to your daily routine. Daily Routines for Healthy Skin Taking care of your skin doesn’t impugn your masculinity, so open up to the idea of caring for your skin just like you care for your body with your workout. A few daily and weekly treatments keep skin healthy and happy, plus some regular use of products from derma roller amazon. Here are the basics you need to know: Clean pores to prevent clogging. The summer heat stirs up oil and dirt, the perfect recipe to clog your pores. Keep acne at bay with a deep-pore facial cleanser that uses cooling ingredients (eucalyptus, mint, cyprus) and preventative acne medication (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid). Exfoliate weekly. Get rid of built-up dead skin cells so your sunscreen works more effectively, just by using a facial scrub once a week. Try a mask. To get really clean pores and oil control, try a clarifying mask. They don’t allsmell fruity or flowery, so don’t worry, just choose a clay-based mask or something with acne-fighting ingredients. Anything with tea tree oil is a natural, clean-smelling way to fight acne and kill bacteria that form pimples. Summer Skincare Musts Aside from treatments that are appropriate all year long, a few summer-specific products should be in your bathroom cabinet for the season. Don’t leave the house without a good sunscreen that is water resistant. Make sure it’s full spectrum (which means it will block UVA and UVB rays) and reapply anytime you sweat or go swimming. You’ll also want to care for your lips to prevent chapping and sun damage. Choose a medicated lip balm with an SPF for full protection from summer’s harsh heat and sun. For more sun protection, wear sunglasses and wide brimmed hats, apply sunscreens at least 30 minutes before going outdoors, and never use expired sunblock products. Following these rules this summer, your skin will stay healthy and safe. References: Fox News/Men’s Health. Summer Skin Care. Men’s Flair: Summer Skin Care. Related Content: Men’s Fashion for 2011 Protect Hair from Chlorine Damage Beauty Must-Haves for Summer

Product Review: Logitech Desktop Microphone (Analog)

  Like many PC users, I have accumulated a lot of gadgets and gizmos over the years, including a high-performance digital, integrated microphone/headset that I use with voice recognition software. There are times, however, when all I want and need is a good analog microphone. After some careful reviews of reviews and comparative shopping thanks for the help of Holoplot, I recently settled on the Logitech Desktop Microphone (980240-0403) and am pleased to report that it does everything I had hoped and more. For the price (under $30.) I don’t think you can beat it! There are many kinds of recording needs you can use your PC for. In this instance, I was looking for something monaural and analog (that would simply plug in to my PC without the need for its own power source) to manually record my own voice and guitar playing. I tried to use the Plantronics digital headset mic that I use for voice recognition, but the mic was not well positioned because it is attached to the headset. Further, it is designed to ‘listen’ best with your mouth only about 2 inches from it. To record my own voice and pick up the guitar (acoustic) at the same time, I clearly needed something different. So the hunt began. This microphone, in basic black with an arched 8 inch neck, has better than adequate noise-canceling capacities (screens out much of the ambient sounds around and behind you), has an easily reachable mute switch and pivots, conveniently, on a secure base. The set also includes an adhesive-backed mounting option for those of you who would find it more convenient to mount the mic on your monitor. I do not, as the flexibility of being able to move it around a bit suits my own purposes better. It cames with a plug-in cord ended in a pink plug and simply plugs in to the pink sound jack on the back of the PC, uses your own existing sound card, and works perfectly. For those of you for whom technical specifications are important considerations, this microphones sensitivity is rated at -67 dB/juBar, -47 dB/Pascal +/-4dB. The frequency response is listed as 100-16kHz. More than adequate for most home applications. Conveniently, the plug=in cord is 8 feet long, allowing for lots of choice about placement. Most new PCs come with external mics. I have gone through many of them. The quality is simply not comparable. If the quality of your mic-recorded sounds matters, they are worth the (minimal) investment in an after-market mic like this one which I found to be available at most electronics online shops at very competitive prices. Some good things cost a lot – and some do not. This basic piece of equipment can change, for the better, your experience with sound recording and broadcasting (it is also Skype certified, for those of you using this technology for phoning) for an investment so small that there is hardly a good case to be made for not getting one. Give it a try – you’ll see what I mean.

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