We all need motivation. Even me. True. Even though I am now making a comfortable living running a home business each month, I need to sometimes motivate myself to do something. Why? Because believe it or not, after a while, success becomes rather dull. Those first few sales that caused you to get up and scream with delight are long behind you. They are now replaced by customer service requests and a lot of work just to keep things going. So how do you keep yourself motivated when the thrill is gone? And for those who have yet to reach success, how do they get themselves motivated when each day seems to be just another day filled with more disappointment? Hopefully the tips below will help to get you motivated and keep you motivated.
The first thing you need to do to motivate yourself is set a goal for yourself each day. Do you want to land on hospitality jobs one day? Or have your business before 30? The goals don’t have to be anything out of this world. If you’re first starting to market an affiliate product, make your goal 1 sale for the day. If you get it, make your goal for the next day 2 sales. Give yourself something to shoot for each day. Don’t let a day go by where you have nothing to do. Even if it’s to write a new ad, do something each day.

What if you have too much to do in a day and you’re so overwhelmed by it all that you can’t get started because you don’t know where to start? Simple solution. Make a schedule for the day. If you have 10 things to do that day, list them all and designate a certain amount of time to each item and schedule a time frame for completing each item. Try to stay within your schedule but don’t worry about it if you fall behind. Just the fact that you keep working means that you’re motivating yourself. You may not finish everything for that day. That’s okay.

Another thing you can do to motivate yourself, and I know this is going to sound silly but it works, is to put up a poster at your work area of all the things you want to eventually get in your life. If you want a new car, cut out a photo from a magazine of the car you want and put it up on the poster. Keep looking at that car everyday and keep telling yourself that you’re someday going to get that car. Do this with everything that you want in your life. Make up a whole collage if you have to.

If you really need motivation to work at your business, take a look at your bills that are laying on the dining room table. When you see how much money you owe you should be more than motivated to go out and make some money. Debt is a great motivation.

It’s not always easy to get motivated. But if you put your mind to it and keep working at it, eventually you will find it becomes a lot easier to get up each day and do your job, whatever that job is.


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